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Brendan Currie


Welcome to National Engraving Co.

Bendigo and St.Kilda, Victoria, Australia


National Engraving is one of Australia's most experienced engraving and manufacturing companies, it's founder Brendan Currie began his trade 30 years ago, originally trained in the art of Fine Hand Chisel engraving, he provides services to some of Australia's finest jewellers and silversmiths and other engraving businesses.

Our engraving services are extensive and range from small crest and seal engraving on signets rings with minute detail to large engraved signage and manufactured lettering and logos several metres in size, we have cylindrical engraving capacity, sandblasting, glass etching, laser cutting and routing capabilities

Whilst our workshop is ruraly located we service the world with our skills through our courier service and Australia Post. Our isolation is important due to the security and secretive requirements our some of our customers.